Stone Edge

Stone ​Edge ​is ​an ​adventure ​third ​person ​game ​with ​a ​contemplative ​aspect.
This game is created by 3rd year IMAC engineering school students (2018).



Project Description

Stone ​Edge ​is ​an ​adventure ​third ​person ​game ​with ​a ​contemplative ​aspect. Inspired by Journey and Shadow Of The Colossus for the storytelling part, its gameplay reminds of 3D platformers ​like Rayman ​3 ​and Yooka-Laylee. The player interprets the role of a guardian who travels on a post-apocalyptic region. The world was devastated by a mechanical dragon who enslaved all life. Gradually, nature is withering and everybody became ​the ​dragon’s ​slave. ​The ​guardian ​wakes ​up, ​after ​a ​combination ​of ​circumstances, ​in ​a ​temple. This guardian, who looks like a stone totem, was created by a very old civilization. Guided by fireflies and helped by his magnetic force, he travels through the region to stop the dragon who threatens his world. During his travel, the guardian meets creatures and the player may realize that these are part of the civilization that had created the dragon - they are under his control because of masks they wear. Their goal is to bring back energy to their master to keep it alive. The guardian becomes the target of their attacks ​: ​he ​has ​to ​defeat ​them ​to ​move ​forward. Our guardian will, during his trek, recover powers that will help him to reach his goal: the mechanical dragon.

Minimal Configuration

The ​game ​is ​for ​PC ​and ​the ​minimal ​configuration ​is: 
4Go ​of ​RAM
OS ​Windows ​(7+) ​/ ​Ubuntu
DirectX11-compatible ​graphics ​card ​with ​1+Go ​of ​VRAM
Keyboard+mouse, ​OR ​gamepad ​(XBox ​360 ​compatible)

Asset generator

We have developped an asset generator for Blender with Python and PyQt to create assets such as terrains, crystals, rocks and trees. Based on a genetic algorithm, you can navigate through generations to find the perfect 3D model, open it in Blender and download it as a *.obj file. With this tool, we have generated a major part of game's assets.
You can download our tool here.


The main team of the project is composed of IMAC students specialized in 3D programming:

Maël Crespin--Pommier

Developer & 3D Artist

Coralie Goldbaum

Project Manager & UI/UX Developer

Yoan Lecoq

Developer & 3D artist

Valentin Mourot

Developer & Game Designer

Héloïse Roussel

Developer & Game Designer

Steeve Vincent

Developer & Game Designer

Special thanks to Benoit Neil & Thierry Grandpierre, our teachers, and to Yu Qiao & Luan Junqing who participate to the project during the first months.


Asset Generator

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